Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, and Uber, for example, have always put the single view of the customer at the center of everything they do – and it’s paid off.

Digital Marketing Depot on February 13, 2020 at 1:00 pm

While a data strategy will help you align goals and use cases across an organization, technology is what enables you to execute. But legacy technologies have proven to be insufficient as they’ve led to disparate data scattered across a complex technology stack that inhibits real-time access to a single customer view for marketing. That’s why a customer data platform (CDP) is designed to finally liberate your first-party data so you can activate your most valuable marketing asset.

Marketers realize the potential of a CDP, but they don’t know how to get buy-in from senior business leaders who are skeptical of adopting “yet another three-letter acronym.” So BlueConic talked to leading industry analysts and marketers who successfully got buy-in to write this ebook on how to build a business case for a CDP.

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